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FotogrAffi: Till the New Year…

Well, who knew we would be talking about Christmas and New Year already?  2010 is drawing to a fast close.  It  has been an interesting year to say the least – I’ve undergone a number of changes in motivations, focus, and direction, especially where photography is  concerned.  I’m looking forward to 2011 with positive anticipation as I can already feel that it’s going to be another fantastic year. I’m closing up shop now till 2011 because;

  1. I need a break – I’ve shot more than I have blogged. Busy year!
  2. It’s that time of year where it’s necessary to reflect – I’ve hit peaks and valleys with photography in general
  3. I’ve met some great people and have been inspired to take my photography to new heights and new places
  4. Sometimes silence is good for the blogger and the reader, as absence makes the heart grow fonder (so they say 😉 )
  5. My blog and site are due for a refresh

I have some major and very interesting projects lined up for next year and I have to finalize a few portfolios for a number of exhibitions I’m taking part in. In the meantime, here is wishing all my subscribers, readers, supporters all the best this holiday season. As the sun sets on 2010, I hope that you take the time to relax, release, relate and reflect.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!

Journalism: Market day

I like grocery shopping, some of the time, and prefer it best when the crowds of fellow shoppers is likely the least.  Not too long ago, I went shopping at the fruit and vegetable market under Falomo bridge in Lagos, Nigeria. I had been here enough times in the past that the market women began to call me “my customer” – scary! Why? Because it means they’ll up-sell you on all the stuff they have on their stall and tell you how they are giving only you a special price because you are their “customer”.  Basically, you’re going home with an empty purse. Beware! LOL! On my last visit I decided to take my camera along. After buying way more fresh fruit and veg than could possibly be consumed in one week, I stayed on to capture a few shots.

How would you not want to buy this stuff? So fresh looking, so colourful. Looking at it alone makes you want to eat healthily!

The market women trying to convince me to buy more stuff!

Laughing after I called them out on trying to make me buy more veggies when I had literally emptied my purse at their stall.

Bananas, bananas. These don’t look like the Delmonte and Chiquita ones I see in the US grocery store. You can easily pop a whole one of these in your mouth. They are quite small, but definitely quite tasty.

FotogrAffi: OMG, who’s shooting your wedding?!

When my friends and family got over the fact that I was engaged and congratulated my (now) hubby and I upon hearing the news, the next question that came right out of their mouths, almost in a state of shock, was “OMG, who’s shooting your wedding?!”  This question came, I realized, because everyone who knows me well knows how much I a. love photography and b. scrutinize images while processing.  In fact, thanks to a few people, who’ll remain unnamed, many more images would have hit my cutting room floor if not for their insistence.  Photographers are their own worst enemies sometimes when it comes to selecting images to present to the rest of the world.  So it was with no surprise to me that everyone was curious about who was going to shoot my wedding.  That said, this was one of the easier questions I’ve been asked.  As much as there are tons of blog posts and write-ups about what to look for in choosing a wedding photographer targeted at brides-to-be, I found them all rather blah!  What I looked for in my wedding photographer was pretty simple.  In my opinion, everything else is negotiable except…

  1. Personality – Prim Dona pro-photogs need not apply!  There was only going to be one diva in the room on wedding day and that was going to be me!
  2. Style – No cheap Photoshop tricks!  I once met a photographer who looked at my portfolio and called it “Clinical at best” Ptwah!  I love clean crisp images that tell stories and are created 98% in-camera.  Photoshop in my opinion is there to enhance and perfect. Not distort, and in some cases destroy.  Again that’s my opinion. I wanted a photographic artist who wouldn’t compromise my images with soon-to-be dated, trendy effects that would become victim to editing fashion cycles. But, I also wanted someone who could really document my day as it unfolded like a story in a book.

So whom did I choose to shoot my wedding?  Sascha Gluck and his assistant Lars from Cancun Photos.  And can I just say Sascha and Lars are the best!!!  I met Sascha in 2009 as he shot my sister’s wedding in Isla Mujeres.  We got on like a charm and compared notes and he promptly updated me on shots throughout the wedding. So when our location was set for Playa Mujeres, I didn’t hesitate to contact Sascha.  We met a few days before the wedding to discuss the details, but ended up comparing equipment lists instead.  Thanks so much Sascha and Lars! You guys are the best.

Note: Photo courtesy of Cancun Photos.

Travel: New York – the concrete jungle…

Every so often, I miss New York City. It’s one of the top five Cities that I’ve ever lived in. And each time I think about the Big Apple, I can’t help but hum the lyrics to “Empire State of Mind” while flipping through photos of friends and good times.  I guess I’m due for a visit and a shopping spree – I sure could do with a new wardrobe and there are some gold mines in Manhattan for those of you who know where to go. While I work on that plan, I’ll keep humming…

New York!  Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York!!!
These streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you,
Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York!

For all you New Yorkers out there and for all those who used to be New Yorkers and for those who love to claim New York. This one’s for you!

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