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Journalism: Hot Red Tomatoes

There is one thing I have learnt living in Lagos…Lagosians love their stew!  Hot red in colour and fiery hot in spiciness is the best way to consume it, and it has to be thick in consistency.  To be honest with you, I have had lots of stews in my time and no other stew can really compare to stew in this town.  After walking through the Epe market, early on a Saturday morning and seeing “red” everywhere, it was hard not to stop by this tomato and pepper stall to pick a few baskets of each for my stew making needs later in the day.  Hot red tomatoes (and peppers) are a really important ingredient in this part of the country and when the colour pops out at you like this, can you really blame anyone? Nah uh!



Journalism: Where are the fishermen?

It seemed like a good plan, to get up at the crack of dawn and drive down to Epe to catch the fishermen on their way out to fish in the Lagoon. However, by the time I arrived they had already gone!  So as every disappointment is a blessing in disguise, it was nice to walk around the market as the traders were kicking off their day.  While I had missed the fishermen, I did meet the fishermen’s wives as they tried to sell their wares from the first catch to the early bird shoppers.

This is how fish is kept fresh pre-purchase – right in the water.

This lady was done sitting around at her stall waiting for shoppers to purchase her fish. She walked around the market, determined to find a buyer.

Fish, some like it fresh, some like it smoked. There’s something about smoked fish that adds this peculiar flavour and aroma to traditional Nigerian soups.  Besides the flavour, fish is smoked for preservation purposes.  Sold by the basket, not soup tastes right without it.


News Flash: Deck your walls with FotogrAffi

Yes, you can now purchase FotogrAffic art for your walls and choose the size, format, frame, and matt all to liking.  You can now directly order canvas wraps or custom matted and framed prints through my new FotogrAffi ART STORE.  The best things about this are:

  1. You can choose you print and view the canvas or a matted and framed 3-D rendered image of the final product
  2. They ship all over the world (so they claim)

This is so cool because my clients and partners can now get the images they want, how they want.  I still work on prints for commissioned work myself through a separate set of printers and framers, in the US, UK and Nigeria, but for those of you looking to decorate or wishing to give photography as a gift, this is a great option for you!

FotogrAffi: I love Lucy!

Remember that show? Remember how Ethel used to follow Lucy around on the show like a lost puppy?  Well, I know a real-life Lucy myself, but the reverse is the case – she follows me about.  On a recent trip home to see my mum and family, my lil’Lucy who always seems to sense when I’m coming back home, stuck to me like glue from the moment I walked in the door.  Trying to get her to pose for a photo was virtually impossible as she was highly excited to see me.  This is the best shot I could get as she curiously peered into my lens to see what I was up to.  She’s such a little nosey parker, but you can’t help but love her.

FotogrAffi: The Journey Continues…

March 1st already!  We’re well into 2011. My last blog post was in December and with a creative break and a New Year, it’s time to take a new direction.  The New Year always seems to force you to do some soul searching and 2011 was no exception for me. I realized that being honest with myself and about my interests will surely spur my creative development.  As much as I am a professional photographer, I am a student of the creative process and learning is a critical element to my growth.

So, this year I’m taking my photography out of the box and will focus my blog on the work I am doing, the new avenues I am exploring, and penetrating topics.  Yes, I blogged about penetration a few months ago so now it’s time to deliver.  I have a number of projects I am working on and will be digging into a few key topics, challenging my creativity.  I have already completed a number of shoots this year, which I’ll blog about in the coming weeks.  2011 is about development and discoveries in photography and I am excited about this trip!

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