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Getting into blogging

So, when I decided to take my photography much more serioulsy, thanks to the poking and prodding of family and friends, I didn’t know that would include “blogging”. I was told that people would want to hear from me to learn more about the gal behind the lens and what was in front of it. Well, ladies and gentlemen, here it is. My Photo Blog. A place where moments are captured and stories are told. I hope that you enjoy the photos that I post here and on my website ( This blog is a committment. Now I have to commit to updating it at the very least twice per month. Yup, I put it out there. Now you must hold me to it and I must hold myself to shooting often, so I can post new stock regularly. On a separate note, there are a few people I’d like to thank…Miss N, Miss A, Miss R, you know who you are and my lil’sis. You’ve been my sounding boards for ages. Your patience is much appreciated. Sir W, thanks for the fab new logo! It’s soooo me. 🙂

Before signing off on my first post, I ask that you do me two small favours:
A. Leave comments. Tell me what you do and don’t like about my shots and why. This will really help me grow.
B. Subscribe to my RSS feed. Stay abreast of my updates to my blog and my website.

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