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Monthly Archives: November 2010

FotogrAffi: OMG, who’s shooting your wedding?!

When my friends and family got over the fact that I was engaged and congratulated my (now) hubby and I upon hearing the news, the next question that came right out of their mouths, almost in a state of shock, was “OMG, who’s shooting your wedding?!”  This question came, I realized, because everyone who knows […]

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Journalism: Oh what about my hair?

With modernization and Westernization, the traditional African hairstyles seem to be fading into the history books.  As with other parts of the world the styles have names. From what I can remember from somewhere in my childhood these names included plats, weave, mat, shuku all done by hand, and other styles like songaps, tie tie, and […]

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Travel: Osogbo town

A few weeks ago, I had the priveledge of travelling to Osogbo in Osun State Nigeria to attend the Osun Osogbo festival. On the way, my posse and I stopped at this really old mosque.  The care takers were kind enough to show us around.  I really have to do a better job of keeping […]

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