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Yearly Archives: 2010

FotogrAffi: Till the New Year…

Well, who knew we would be talking about Christmas and New Year already?  2010 is drawing to a fast close.  It  has been an interesting year to say the least – I’ve undergone a number of changes in motivations, focus, and direction, especially where photography is  concerned.  I’m looking forward to 2011 with positive anticipation […]

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Journalism: Market day

I like grocery shopping, some of the time, and prefer it best when the crowds of fellow shoppers is likely the least.  Not too long ago, I went shopping at the fruit and vegetable market under Falomo bridge in Lagos, Nigeria. I had been here enough times in the past that the market women began […]

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FotogrAffi: OMG, who’s shooting your wedding?!

When my friends and family got over the fact that I was engaged and congratulated my (now) hubby and I upon hearing the news, the next question that came right out of their mouths, almost in a state of shock, was “OMG, who’s shooting your wedding?!”  This question came, I realized, because everyone who knows […]

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Travel: New York – the concrete jungle…

Every so often, I miss New York City. It’s one of the top five Cities that I’ve ever lived in. And each time I think about the Big Apple, I can’t help but hum the lyrics to “Empire State of Mind” while flipping through photos of friends and good times.  I guess I’m due for […]

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