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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Lifestyle – Weddings: Mallika & Jason Part 5/5 – Welsh Blessing

Finally, on day three Mallika and Jason had a marriage blessing in the Ewenny Priory, Bridgend, Wales.  Even though it poured with rain all day long, everything about the ceremony, reception and Cowbridge where the reception was held was so quaint.  It’s definitely a place I plan to visit again, hopefully on a day of […]

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Lifestyle – Weddings: Mallika & Jason Part 4/5 – Hindu Ceremony

Wedding number two was Mallika and Jason’s Hindu ceremony.  If you haven’t noticed Jason is Welsh, or part Welsh and part Norwegian, so this made for a truly multicultural experience for his family.  This was a truly visually stimulating experience for me with the sari’s, jewelry and the decor.  The priest was kind enough to interpret each step […]

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Lifestyle – Weddings: Mallika & Jason Part 3/5 – Mallika’s Mehndi

The night before Mallika & Jason’s Hindu wedding ceremony, Mallika hosted a mendhi party for the ladies in her room. It was so much fun to see all the creative designs being tattooed on everyones hands. Unfortunately I didn’t get one because it would mean parting with my camera for two hours while the mendhi dried and since I […]

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Lifestyle – Weddings: Mallika & Jason Part 2/5 – Civil Ceremony

Mallika & Jason’s families met at the Hounslow Registrars office for a civil ceremony to officially record their marriage before heading off for a long lunch together afterwards.  It was a great time for the two families to meet, in addition to kicking off the three-day long wedding festivities.  Mallika looked radiant creme formal dress […]

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