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Lifestyle-Engagement: Yvonne & Felix, Lagos-Nigeria

I have not done any lifestyle photography in a while. And to be honest my focus is changing somewhat. But, when Yvonne (another Kellogg friend!) pinged me to ask if I was still shooting and if I would do her engagement portraits, I couldn’t resist. Yvonne & Felix are one fantastic couple and after a […]

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Lifestyle: Bollywood Star “Just Becuz”

It’s been a while since I’ve done any lifestyle portraits.  A couple of weekends ago, I met up with my client, Bolly, on a Saturday afternoon, drove around town till we found a good spot for a quick portrait session, had lunch and then went about the business of shooting. It was a totally awesome way […]

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FotogrAffi: Lolade Cameron-Cole Photography

What do photographers do when they get together?  They talk bodies, lenses, accessories, lighting, shoots, clients and projects. Basically that’s what we do, as much as we might try to talk about all else that’s going on in the world it always comes back to F-stops and shutter speeds.  While visiting a fellow friend and […]

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Lifestyle – Just Becz: Rae’s red hot shoot

‘Just Becuz’ sessions are just about my favourite kind of shoots. There’s something to be said about an unabashed display of vanity born out of confidence, beauty and just plain fabulousness.  There’s nothing like getting primped and primed for part of a day, selecting the best outfits and scoping out cool locations and then spending […]

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