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My Belle Don Full!

As mentioned in my last post, I have started a new venture in the world of photography – food photography. You can now follow my discovery as a repatriated Nigerian diva and wife trying to stay healthy while also feeding her man at  Join me (Madam Chef) on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter . From time to time I’ll be back here to share my portrait and photojournalistic work so do save this bookmark and subscribe to my RSS feed!

Where’ve you been?

Yes. Ok. It’s been just about a year since my last post on this blog.  Time does fly doesn’t it? Well I’ve been busy over on my food photography blog – My Belle Don Full – in this period of time, but, FotogrAffi is my first love for sure. The good news is that I’m back.  Kinda sorta.  Feeling invigorated and excited about what is to come on this and the new blog in the coming months.  Photography is a constant journey for me as I explore life through the lens of my camera focused on whatever takes my fancy.  First off an overhaul is need right? Do stay tuned!

Below is an image that sums up my thoughts right now. The boat is waiting, the ocean is vast. The journey continues…

Journalism: Just happy!

Yay!  I’m just really happy that it’s TGIF and so was this lady.  Shot taken on the streets of Lagos.

Lifestyle-Engagement: Yvonne & Felix, Lagos-Nigeria

I have not done any lifestyle photography in a while. And to be honest my focus is changing somewhat. But, when Yvonne (another Kellogg friend!) pinged me to ask if I was still shooting and if I would do her engagement portraits, I couldn’t resist. Yvonne & Felix are one fantastic couple and after a few minutes of shooting, they completely forgot that my assistant and I were even there. These two are definitely naturals in front of the camera.  A big “Congrats!!!” goes out to you two!

Here are a few of my favs from the shoot.



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